Working safely in line with government advice
COVID-19 vaccinated & boosted , self-testing (Lateral Flow Test)
Understandably, as people have to isolate schedules change, therefore I’m being as flexible as possible with bookings.

Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy

• Client meetings by video/telephone preferred
• Adhere to Government advice on safe working 
• Self-testing regularly  (Lateral Flow Rapid Antigen Test)  
• Keep a safe distance
• At regular intervals wash hands or use sanitiser gel
• Avoid personal contact
• I ask people not to touch the camera or equipment
• Avoid touching surfaces or items, unless absolutely necessary
• Sanitise the equipment 
• Use PPE when required to do so
• Wear a mask on shoots with people
• Stop work and self-isolate immediately if any symptoms appear
• Covid-19 Risk Assessment when required
• Adhere to the site's Health & Safety Policy
• Report Covid-19 incidents to HSE via RIDDOR
• Make people involved in the shoot aware of all the above

Updated February 2022